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and other major home appliance retail market, the market appears all type fall; at the same time, in the wave of the Internet and the impact of cross-border competition, the home appliance industry product forms, business models, competitive landscape and Fonterra joint agreement, plans to build a dairy cow breeding base in China joint venture. Royal Dutch Friesland dairy giant, one of the world's top five, Ltd. and China Huishan Dairy Holdings Limited has announced the establishment of a joint venture, New Zealand Wright chose the New Hope (20.70, -0.47, -2.22%) Dairy cooperation. Investment adviser pointed out that foreign milk prices continue to overweight Chinese infant formula in the field are mainly two reasons, on the one hand, the vast domestic infant formula market prospects and liberalization policies alone two children, on the other hand are other areasnike air max 1 sale   of the dairy industry domestic market structure is relatively stable, foreign brands to enter the difficulty is relatively large.Legion and the brightest to join the price"Infant formula industry into price downtrend" Plans to start 27 new major water projects this yearXinhua Beijing March 31 (Reporter Lin Hui, in quiet), Vice Minister of Water Resources Jiao Yong, 31, said that this year China plans to start 27 new major

projects.Jiao Yong said at a State Council Information Office news conference, water-saving 172 major water projects by the State Council is steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform and improve people's major initiatives. Currently under construction reached 57 this year, 27 new construction plans. This investment will further increase water conservation on the basis of last year, about 488 billion yuan on."Hydraulic points, wide, large, China's economy will stabilize growth, expand domestic demand, play a significant role in supporting and stimulating." Jiao Yong said that more water conservancy employment, will mobilize a large number of people, migrant workers were added to water conservancy construction in the past, but needed more water conservancy construction equipment, multi-material, pulling effect on the downstream industry is obvious.It is understood that 172 major wate  nike air max tn trainersr projects focus on the layout in the west. Last year 17 new construction projects in the West 10, planned to start this year in 27 projects in the western region close to half. China Securities Reuters coal industry, "Thirteen Five" technology development plan will start recently held in Beijing. The meeting noted that the "Thirteen Five", the coal industry, science and technology contribution rate will reach

55%, than the "Twelve Five" increased by 6 percentage points, and medium-sized enterprise technology investment will account for 3% of the current revenues, personnel construction has made remarkable achievements.According to the China Mining News reported March 31, the meeting noted that the coal industry to a profound understanding of China's energy production and consumption of revolutionary strategy, scientific planning "Thirteen Five" coal technology goals. According to the "green, low-carbon, intelligent" energy development, basic research "Thirteen Five" period, the deep coal resource security and development, green development in western coal nike air max 2011 mensresources, clean and efficient use of coal and other key technologies and should breakthrough; large coal, open pit mining equipment, coal washing and processing equipment and chemical equipment to achieve localization; significantly enhance the level of security technology and equipment, mining exploration progress hidden causal factors; green medium-sized coal mines was basically completed; carry out mine safety technology and management, Standard green coal mining, clean and efficient use of coal and other key areas of development.Welcome concern Sina Finance Energy Channel official micro letter "visibility School"

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 industrial ecology of change is still "in progress." And under the sea Amoy farewell impact of high growthAs of the end of March, a number of domestic and foreign brands of milk powder to produce a 2014 report card. Unlike in the past high growth collective performance of infant formula companies were divided, some brands continue to maintain growth, some brands will be dropped. "Milk industry price downwards, 2015 more ferocious price war." Liang Song dairy experts pointed out that under the price war and the impact of sea Amo   nike air max 2012 uky, infant formula industry goodbye to the era of high growth and high margins.The first digit industry growth now"After the melamine incident, the worst year."In purchasing, the impact of the rapid growth of the sea Amoy, infant formula industry, intense competition, and as companies continue to try Hydropower Company milk, the milk industry price war intensified, these factors have eroded profits in the milk business. Bein US (20.67, 0.23, 1.13%) released 2014 annual results, profit fell 88.88%; by Mengniu Ashley

Holdings net profit fell 43.1 percent last year. Lu Min put Ashley president, said profit fell last year, mainly due to sales channel transformation and offensive premium brand, I believe by improving the supply chain and devote more resources to the development of this year's overall business growth momentum can be restored.Bid farewell to the high growth in the past, now the milk industry's first single-digit increase. Data show that in 2014 sales tonnage of 7,000,000 tons of milk powder, 4.2% turnover growth occurs, compared with 1  nike air presto 4 men's  in previous years, the growth rate of a bit lonely. "Last year, the event can be said that the melamine milk industry, the worst year." A Insiders pointed out that if the removal of inflation last year, the milk industry is essentially zero growth.At the same time, the concentration of the milk industry in decline, the emergence of more and more big brands of milk powder brands eroded share. AC Nielsen data show that in 2013 the market's top-five brand market concentration at 85.7%, to 2014 this figure fell to 81.5 percent. "Go out of the market are small brands eroded." Song Liang said. Nevertheless, the big brands still occupy absolute market share. Data show that in order to calculate the ex-factory sales of infant formula in 2014 was 70 billion yuan, which

 by the sea Amoy purchasing 10 billion yuan, sales of the top 20 companies is 50 billion yuan, and the remaining enterprises occupy 100 billion.The first decline in the share of foreign brandsDomestic and foreign cooperation and common development into a trendOver the past year, the market share of foreign milk powder brands declined for the first time, data released by AC Nielsen, sales of the top ten brands, domestic brands of milk powder in the number of foreign brands is almost flat.Nevertheless, China's huge market potential to attract foreign milk powder brands still continue to overweight, milk brand in Europe in recent years, the continuous influx of Chinese market, including some high-end brands, Chinese brand of milk powder price is constantly refreshed, nike air max 2014 cheaphighest price on the market The milk  Kay infant formula, the retail price of each tank reached 458 yuan / 900 grams. To obtain a more long-term development in the Chinese market, foreign milk powder have different ways overweight Chinese market. Market share of the first two consecutive Wyeth Nutritionals will host more than 500 games this year, "a tribute to breast milk" campaign in the country more than 20 cities, while Haipunuokai 1897 and recently announced that the North [microblogging] launched a long up to two years of research.Another trend change is driven by policy, foreign cooperation within the field of domestic infant formula and common development has become a trend. Abbott

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full seven May abortion enjoy 98 days of maternity leave.Female employees maternity leave to go to work, the employer should be given at least one week time to adapt, can not work properly due to health reasons, has proven more than two medical institutions need to rest, the employer should be allowed to rest; treatment during the rest by the State relating to sick leave regulations.Female employees maternity leave expires, upon application, the employer may approve leave to make breast-feeding a baby  nike air max 2013 sale  is one year old; leave during treatment is determined by the employer and female workers negotiated.Russia, South Korea and many major European economies such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Luxembourg, including the country announced its intention added an investment bank. According to Japan's NHK television reported, as of the application before the cut-off date (March 31), there are 44 countries apply to become a founding member of the Asian investment bank.(Reuters release: The Russian news agency satellite (Sputnik) is a Russian international multimedia news agency, on November 10, 2014

 advocacy States also no substantial progress. I looked at the relevant information, in fact, in September 2010 groaning red furniture to expose the problem, groaning red mahogany furniture in its outlets in nearly a unified post called "waxing PK painting" poster, triggering market on on the "waxing", "painting" the process of the dispute, triggered a "poster" incident. On March 14 this year, Tianjin Radio    nike air max 95 uk and Television held 315 party, groaning red due to non-delivery, non-refundable, once again been exposed. Mahogany furniture, expensive, largely due to the decision of its precious materials. Now more and more consumers to buy mahogany furniture as an investment, however, mahogany furniture and shoddy investment not only greatly reduced price, will greatly shorten the life

 furniture, which will inevitably result in losses to consumers. Chinese network Finance March 31 (Reporter Qiaohong Kang), Sichuan Changhong (6.02, -0.08, -1.31%) released 2014 annual report shows that in 2014 the company's revenue, profits were not up to expectations. 2014, the company achieved total revenue of 59.504 billion yuan, representing a growth of 1.07% over the same period last year; a total profit of 534 million yuan, representing a reduction of 47.50% over the same period last year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 059 million yuan, compared with last year reduction of 88.52% over the same period.Sichuan Changhong [microblogging] disclosed in the "2013 Annual Report" 2014 annual business objectives: in 2014 the company expects revenues of about 63 billion yuan, Sichuan Changhong Board, said the report period, the company's revenue and profit   nike air max 90 womens fell short of expectations mainly due to are: the decline of domestic appliances market demand, "national energy-saving products that benefit the project" and other stimulus withdrawal; the company's TV business domestic sales fell short of expectations, performance decline.2014 is the year of the industry to withstand greater pressure, but also household appliances enterprises are trying to establish a new competitive advantage and change the year. From a macro point of view, the global economic recovery trend is still weak, the domestic GDP growth rate for the past 20 years minimum, insufficient consumer demand at home and abroad; from the industry point of view, the domestic appliance market after the stimulus out through reorganization, color TVs, refrigerators

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